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The Medium is the Message: Keeping Your Office Environment Energetic


Herbert Marshall McLuhan, a prominent Canadian philosopher and expert in media theory was known to have said that “the medium is the message.” In other words, Professor McLuhan taught that people are affected not only by the content they absorb but also the manner and form in which this content is provided which is just as crucial as the media message itself.

The same lesson can be applied to the computer world. When an IT system is stuck as a result of server error or unessential memory-consuming software, the company’s employees are directly impacted. The message being sent by the medium is that it’s OK to work slowly. In fact, working on a slow system over time will affect even the most energetic worker, and he or she – like the computer system – is likely become slow, dreamy, and drawn into irrelevant pursuits.

Natalie, a former cellular company worker shared her experience about this painful process: “We had days when IT systems broke down over extended time. Customers who tried to get service and information but were put on hold for hours. Conversation became meaningless as we just spent the time idling and waiting for the computer system to start working. My colleagues and I felt lethargic even though we weren’t able to work much.”
Conversely, a company that keeps monitoring its DB systems proactively allows optimal data flow which expresses in a dynamic and energetic professional environment.

AimBetter by Ryltech provides system performance monitoring and failures troubleshooting, allowing your system to perform optimally at all times. And with a properly-functioning system, your business can enjoy and maintain an energetic, fresh and successful work environment – just ask our customers.