Professional Script Directory

In this directory you’ll find useful scripts for daily tasks and troubleshooting for database based systems.

Searching stored procedures containing specific strings

Sometimes we might need to find procedures that contain certain strings in order to know which procedures affect specific processes in our system and in case of changes to those processes which procedures would we need to modify, therefore we need a simple way that will let us easily find all procedures that contain certain read more

How to find the most CPU consuming queries?

High CPU usage for long times may damage the server’s performance and shorten the server’s life. If you notice the SQL Server Service consumes too much CPU it is important to analyze the reasons for that and try to schedule them to less CPU consuming time frames or optimize the queries’ performance. In this article read more

How to know your SQL Server Instance Version

To determine the version of your SQL Server Instance, you can use any of the following methods: Connect to the server by using Object Explorer in SQL Server Management Studio. After Object Explorer is connected, it will show the version information in parentheses, together with the user name that is used to connect to the read more

Transaction Log Monitoring and its importance

It is important to monitor the size of transaction log files for the following reasons: The transaction log file might get full and it might cause the following errors: 1.1) Transactions may fail and may start a roll back. 1.2) Transactions may take a long time to complete 1.3) Performance issues may occur 1.4) Blocking read more

Backup Monitoring

It is important to regularly monitor database backups and ensure that no scheduled backups are missing. A backup’s absence means there is a time frame that is not recoverable, and therefore if there has been a serious failure shortly after the time the backup was supposed to take place we will not be able to read more

Lock Monitoring

Locks often occur in databases in order to protect the database resources from damage and keep the integrity and consistency of the data within it. Despite the mentioned above fact, when the locks are long they negatively affect the system’s performance because they delay transactions that need the locked resources in order to run, therefore read more

Monitoring long queries

In every active system, there are running queries during almost every given time frame and their duration affect the system’s performance significantly. The longer the duration of the queries is the worse the system’s performance become, mainly because waiting queries for resources held by running queries are delayed for longer periods of time and that read more