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End-of-life for SQL Server 2008

Does the pending End-of-Life demise of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 mean trouble for you?

Let Ryltech take the burden off you and your database team.

Microsoft has announced that support for SQL Server 2008 will be withdrawn in 2019, to be followed shortly after by Windows 2008.  They warn that this could mean increased vulnerability to cyber attacks and raises compliance issues, especially relating to the new European Union Data Protection regulations – see more here. If your company is in danger, then it’s time to start planning now on upgrading the environment.

Microsoft’s preferred solution is to migrate the whole environment onto a cloud-based Azure Managed Instance (which is not yet available), and later to upgrade to the latest SQL Server version 2017.

Does that sound complicated (maybe even over-complicated)?  Remember that cloud-based solutions do not necessarily fit your own specific requirements.  Don’t be pushed that way without getting a proper assessment, just be cause they say it’s ‘what’s available’. Let us help you to make the right decision, and to roll it out with lowest possible cost, minimal disruption to your normal operations, and strongest commitment to total success.

We at Ryltech have been working with every version of SQL Server and Microsoft Windows servers since 2003. We will be able to introduce you to all of the new features that have been brought out in later releases of SQL Server, such as Disaster Recovery, Log Shipping, Mirror, Always On, Replication Change tracking and many more. In this way, with a single step we can both move you over to the best new version, and start to build-in the new features that version 2008 lacked.

Our expert team of database analysts and support specialists can guide you and your management team through every step of the process needed to migrate your whole SQL Server environment safely, quickly and cheaply.

Let us produce a detailed plan that outlines all the steps necessary to make the move, with a timetable and costing that will guarantee that your company feels the least amount of disruption, and gets onto the solution that will carry you safely over onto the latest Microsoft server environment. For a quick survey and estimate, contact us today.





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Integrating AimBetter with SAP Business One ERP

Ryltech – Working with SAP Business One ERP companies

The goal of Ryltech is to provide companies and businesses with a high quality, professional and personal solution to improve performance by identifying code issues and maintaining SAP Business One systems. Ryltech specializes in providing advanced solutions and provides consulting, maintenance and solutions to various problems in large-scale databases and various shelf systems, including the SAP system.

The importance of adapting SAP Business One to the customer

Our company provides Israeli and international customers with database administration software for SAP Business One software, performance improvement for any existing problem, add-ons, setting up and duplicating environments, and improving changes in database query analysis. Ryltech offers you the most relevant solution, after implementing the process of starting a dialog with the DBA, in order to understand the problem and continued testing of the infrastructure of the business, fast and efficient identification of the problem by the AimBetter system and adapt the most intelligent solution. Ryltech’s expert team, which combines extensive professional experience and has served as the DBA team of many SAP Business One application companies, also handles IT companies’ efforts, with the goal of helping to understand and improve the database performance by using the AimBetter solution.

Integrating the AimBetter solution into the SAP Business One software

The AimBetter solution is a smart cloud-based SaaS system that can be used in the SAP shelf system and databases associated with each customer. The system enables rapid detection of any malfunction of any type in the system, without the need for any DBA action. (Slow, lock, loss of information, errors in SAP screens, etc.). After identifying the problems, the system will provide details about the problem and its analysis, which will enable us to respond quickly and neutralize the existing problem by contacting the user and the DBA team. The advantage of the system for the DBA team is that our team of experts can work on solving the problem directly without the need to restore or record and be connected during the failure, which will save the company losses. For the customer, losses usually occur due to waste of valuable time of its employees, disappointed customers and the fact that instead of dealing with promoting the business, the company’s managers have to deal with issues that do not bring revenue into the company (that is, maintaining the system).

In practice – AimBetter and SAP

The AimBetter solution can be installed quickly in the client environment. The system will be installed initially for a period of one month. In the first half of the month, the system will collect data and the reporting of results will provide a detailed explanation of the problems identified, and the deficiencies will be corrected and optimized during the second half of the month.

The tests to be performed on the SAP system

The tests are divided into database and environment metrics and include the following:

  • Queries – Testing and monitoring problematic queries that are performed on the database.
  • Tables – Testing the function and volume of the tables in the database.
  • Performance – Check the performance of the database
  • Errors – Check and correct errors in the database.
  • Optimization – optimizing the database in order to promote fast and proper access.

In addition, you can correct errors in the operating system or applications, testing and monitoring of various services and processes, checking backup procedures and more.

In summary, the performance of the SAP databases will be improved by analyzing the system’s structure, providing recommendations for performance improvement, and implementing these recommendations according to the customer’s requirements. The main goal of Ryltech’s expert advice is to provide the best and most efficient DBA monitoring and save the company from losses resulting from the failure of services of its customers. Since you want to streamline things and let the company you work for be profitable rather than make losses, it’s time to choose the Ryltech AimBetter solution for SAP Business One.

AimBetter Ryltech – experienced  in helping where you cannot solve various problems in your system for months. Want us to help you too? Leave details and we will get back to you soon!

Using Managed Services in SMB Operations

Where is the need

Managers of small and medium-size businesses face many of the same challenges as in large enterprises, but don’t have the same resources to deploy when exercising control, especially when facing unexpected obstacles. The IT department of an SMB is almost always small, consisting of a handful of professionals tasked with huge responsibility and large workload. The challenge of building an effective IT environment for a small business is that it is both expensive and complex. Corporate managers need to wear an extra hat – ‘information specialist’ – in order to make the right decisions. This creates a Catch-22. You need to improve revenue in order to be able to afford specialist staff, but you can’t afford them before the investment yields the necessary efficiencies and savings.

Many mid-sized companies can’t justify the expense of a full-time SQL database administrator – that’s why Ryltech can now offer you Managed Services to act as a virtual solution to complement your internal IT team’s need for SQL expertise to help improve processing and implement best practices for your information management.

What Managed Services offers

Most mid-market IT departments are staffed with at least one person who has some basic SQL knowledge, but not the expertise to program, configure and keep up with the latest best practices and recommendations.

For SMB management, Managed Services is a clear solution to the problem of lack of highly skilled database administrators. Whether on a temporary or permanent basis, a managed services agreement grants you access to top-tier trained professionals to monitor your resources and advise on best practices. In this way, in running your SMB, you can deploy a sophisticated SaaS solution, reap all the benefits, pay for it using immediate savings rather than capital, and then concentrate on what you need do best – manage the whole enterprise.

Ryltech’s advantages

From the beginning, Ryltech offers Microsoft SQL Server assessments to ensure your environment is optimally performing. Our actions follow best practice recommendations, resolve all SQL Server performance issues, improve reliability, cut costs and consolidate applications. The advantage Ryltech can offer over competing managed service offerings is that our functionality is built on the most technically advanced SQL Server monitoring application that is available today – AimBetter.

As part of our service, we evaluate all aspects of your SQL Server environment as well as the whole Windows server structure. We monitor SQL performance at the same time as we inspect and assess infrastructure health. AimBetter works by measuring more than 400 individual metrics across the whole spectrum of application and environment. Its fundamental advantage is that it raises attention to all issues without the need for us to wade through vast quantities of irrelevant data. On one dashboard, we can see and pursue every issue that alerts us to conditions requiring attention.

Actions and reactions

Ryltech employs a team of dedicated database administration specialists, so we add strength exactly where your own internal support team needs it, providing IT leadership to assist with strategic planning and helping to create a road-map for future growth, hardware consolidation and upgrades. We can identify and document risks and present remediation plans in accordance with best practices. Finally we make recommendations for maintenance plans and schedules, consolidation and disaster recovery.

In addition to an initial SQL Server assessment covering your existing structure, Ryltech also offers our regular Virtual DBA Services. Since information is essential to your company’s productivity, efficiency and growth and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the changes and emerging technologies, our serves act in a tactical IT services role, which includes the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance activities for a fixed monthly fee. The service includes a daily SQL Server review using AimBetter, with notification of all exceptions, alerts and performance issues. In cooperation with your IT support personnel, we will recommend what actions are required to head-off all issues.

As well, we issue weekly reviews focusing on performance improvement as well as a comprehensive monthly SQL health report on all actions taken over the past month, together with further suggestions for changes needed to create improvements in performance and stability.

Special services available

Ryltech also offers the following Virtual DBA services billed hourly or through a prepaid retainer:

  • Triage of critical errors or warnings
  • As needed when agreed by you, installation of software upgrades
  • Performing database code review.