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Integrating AimBetter with SAP Business One ERP

Ryltech – Working with SAP Business One ERP companies

The goal of Ryltech is to provide companies and businesses with a high quality, professional and personal solution to improve performance by identifying code issues and maintaining SAP Business One systems. Ryltech specializes in providing advanced solutions and provides consulting, maintenance and solutions to various problems in large-scale databases and various shelf systems, including the SAP system.

The importance of adapting SAP Business One to the customer

Our company provides Israeli and international customers with database administration software for SAP Business One software, performance improvement for any existing problem, add-ons, setting up and duplicating environments, and improving changes in database query analysis. Ryltech offers you the most relevant solution, after implementing the process of starting a dialog with the DBA, in order to understand the problem and continued testing of the infrastructure of the business, fast and efficient identification of the problem by the AimBetter system and adapt the most intelligent solution. Ryltech’s expert team, which combines extensive professional experience and has served as the DBA team of many SAP Business One application companies, also handles IT companies’ efforts, with the goal of helping to understand and improve the database performance by using the AimBetter solution.

Integrating the AimBetter solution into the SAP Business One software

The AimBetter solution is a smart cloud-based SaaS system that can be used in the SAP shelf system and databases associated with each customer. The system enables rapid detection of any malfunction of any type in the system, without the need for any DBA action. (Slow, lock, loss of information, errors in SAP screens, etc.). After identifying the problems, the system will provide details about the problem and its analysis, which will enable us to respond quickly and neutralize the existing problem by contacting the user and the DBA team. The advantage of the system for the DBA team is that our team of experts can work on solving the problem directly without the need to restore or record and be connected during the failure, which will save the company losses. For the customer, losses usually occur due to waste of valuable time of its employees, disappointed customers and the fact that instead of dealing with promoting the business, the company’s managers have to deal with issues that do not bring revenue into the company (that is, maintaining the system).

In practice – AimBetter and SAP

The AimBetter solution can be installed quickly in the client environment. The system will be installed initially for a period of one month. In the first half of the month, the system will collect data and the reporting of results will provide a detailed explanation of the problems identified, and the deficiencies will be corrected and optimized during the second half of the month.

The tests to be performed on the SAP system

The tests are divided into database and environment metrics and include the following:

  • Queries – Testing and monitoring problematic queries that are performed on the database.
  • Tables – Testing the function and volume of the tables in the database.
  • Performance – Check the performance of the database
  • Errors – Check and correct errors in the database.
  • Optimization – optimizing the database in order to promote fast and proper access.

In addition, you can correct errors in the operating system or applications, testing and monitoring of various services and processes, checking backup procedures and more.

In summary, the performance of the SAP databases will be improved by analyzing the system’s structure, providing recommendations for performance improvement, and implementing these recommendations according to the customer’s requirements. The main goal of Ryltech’s expert advice is to provide the best and most efficient DBA monitoring and save the company from losses resulting from the failure of services of its customers. Since you want to streamline things and let the company you work for be profitable rather than make losses, it’s time to choose the Ryltech AimBetter solution for SAP Business One.

AimBetter Ryltech – experienced  in helping where you cannot solve various problems in your system for months. Want us to help you too? Leave details and we will get back to you soon!