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Priority ERP & Ryltech working together

Ryltech works to improve Priority ERP performance

Ryltech Priority Partnership

Founded in 2003 by Yehuda Lasri, Ryltech aims to provide professional and high quality solutions to Israeli and international companies and businesses in terms of improving performance and identifying code and maintenance problems in the ERP system and Priority software, one of the leading software programs in the market today. The company also provides DBA services to Priority itself and Priority recommends the services of Ryltech to its business partners. Ryltech is known as a highly specialized support company focusing on Priority.

Priority – ERP in one database

The ERP package is a system that integrates all of the company’s financial, marketing and logistical activities under one modular and flexible computing system. This system can be adapted to the needs of the organization and caters for open source development, allowing programmers to develop additional modules in the system and condensing existing modules. The main objective of Priority is to support integrally all the company’s business and managerial processes.

Because different business processes require different interfaces, there is often a situation where there are multiple interfaces, which can create undue load and slow the whole business down. A primary goal of ERP is to provide a single computer system that incorporates all the company’s ongoing processes, in which it is possible to combine all the data required from various functions into a singe database, in order to achieve optimal efficiency, enabling transparency and control of all events in the company in real time and in any time frame. This control and making the right decisions is the goal of every business organization.

Customization of the Priority software to the customer – a must!

The smartest and most suitable solution that will be customized to the customer will be provided only after the problem is understood by the company’s team of database experts. Once the problem is understood, the infrastructure of the business will be checked and an AimBetter system will be used to identify and guide the quick and efficient solution of the problem. These activities will be carried out by a team of experts with extensive professional experience who will work closely with the DBA team of Priority Software Ltd. Ryltech is a DBA service provider selected by Priority, and as such, the company’s expert team handles most of the company’s applications and provides direct support to Priority Services’ cloud services, combined with the AimBetter system, and also provides DBA services to Priority itself. In addition, Ryltech is recommended by Priority to its business partners.

Process Steps – Ryltech services for Priority customers

  • DBA Services – Priority itself retains Ryltech’s services for Priority Software and recommends Ryltech and its services to its business partners.
  • Performance – Improved performance for any problem or sensitive points in the ERP system and databases.
  • Environment – Setting up and duplicating environments.
  • Upgrade and development – Improvements in developments in database query analysis.
  • Relations and personal guidance – Ryltech’s team of experts accompanies the company’s clients throughout the process and handles every customer request with minimal treatment time.

Integrating the AimBetter solution into Priority software

The AimBetter solution is a smart cloud-based SaaS system that can be used in the SAP shelf system and databases associated with each customer. The system enables rapid detection of any malfunction of any type in the system, without the need for any DBA action. (Slow, lock, loss of information, errors in SAP screens, etc.). After identifying the problems, the system will provide details about the problem and its analysis, which will enable us to respond quickly and neutralize the existing problem by contacting the user and the DBA team. The advantage of the system for the DBA team is that our team of experts can work on solving the problem directly without the need to restore or record and be connected during the failure, which will save the company losses. For the customer, losses usually occur due to waste of valuable time of its employees, disappointed customers and the fact that instead of dealing with promoting the business, the company’s managers have to deal with issues that do not bring revenue into the company (that is, maintaining the system). The goal of the system is to ensure every DBA of optimal performance of important applications while carefully monitoring the database, operating system and various hardware. The advantages of this system are:

  • Performance – The system identifies problems immediately and in real time, thus enabling rapid handling and improvement of system performance and uptime.
  • Efficiency – The system ensures efficiency for your company, which saves time and frustration for the company’s customers (which can lead to losses). The system ensures improvement in everything related to the time taken to identify the problem, its understanding and handling of the problem.
  • System not is disabled – system downtime is limited to a minimum if at all.
  • A complete picture of the current situation – provides a clear and accurate picture of the database environment that includes the entire SAP system.

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